Neuroplasticity – Learn or die

Neuroplasticity – Learn or die

We are people of the resurrection.

One of the keys of our faith is the resurrection, and it undergirds everything we do and believe. We are people of the resurrection.


The concept of neuroplasticity is that if we wish to have brain health, then we need to continue to learn. This requires “brain exercise” to ensure we are learning, and that our brain has neuroplasticity to ensure that we can learn. A brain that has plasticity is a healthy brain. Neuroplasticity will ensure we wish have the best chance possible of not getting a neurodegenerative disease (think dementia). Now neuroplasticity is not guaranteed to ward off dementia, but it is one of our best prevention strategies.

We need to turn this concept to our worship and faith community life. How are we being neuroplastic? Are we on a learning journey, where we are plastic enough we can learn? Or are we in the dying process? We are people of the resurrection. How well are we living this? Are we living as though we have life, and that life will continue? Or are we living as though we are dying?

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